Our mission is to inspire excellence in all aspects of the school culture. We offer two training programs that enhance the classroom and build an exceptional atmosphere.

Teaching Manners and Civility

Social Skills in the Classroom

Teaching students manners and civility in the classroom requires daily reinforcement in order for these important lessons to become a habit. This training session equips teachers and staff with the tools needed to encourage good manners.
Training Session Includes:
  • Role-playing scenarios
  • Games and activities for the classroom
  • Lunch time etiquette
  • Greeting students and parents
  • Positive verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Tools to include social skills in the classroom
Creating World-Class Customer Service Training

Journey to Excellence

Our world-class customer service training session is essential in today’s competitive climate. This is a customized program lasting from 1-6 months. Through assessments and evaluations, we customize a program that transforms your school culture into one of excellence where your parents become your marketing team. Becoming a school with a reputation of superior instruction along with positive service creates a stellar atmosphere that fosters civility, learning, and success.
Training Session Includes:
  • Creating a service vision
  • Building positive relationships with colleagues, parents, students
  • Positive verbal & non-verbal communication
  • Professional dress
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Telephone do’s and don’ts
  • Daily meetings
  • Service failures & how to overcome
  • Creating loyal students & parents

Download our FREE Parent’s Guide to Teaching Good Manners.

The social skills needed for success revolve around good manners. And, those good manners don’t just happen. They must be taught, practiced, and become a habit. Download our free guide to discover our top tips to giving your child the gift that lasts a lifetime!