School assemblies are perfect for Parent-Teacher Associations, Home & School Groups, or other organizations within a school setting. Choose from one of our three activity-packed and hands-on assemblies: Classroom Civility, Manners on the Move, Everyday Etiquette. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Encouraging Student Respect

Classroom Civility

This assembly focuses on respect: respecting others and looking for opportunities to do the right thing. Students will learn how to handle classroom situations with confidence. Students (Faculty and Parents) will experience the Classroom Civility Challenge.
The challenge:
  • Help new students feel welcome.
  • Be kind to those who are left out.
  • Greet students and adults.
  • Treat students, teachers, and staff with respect.
  • Display good manners in the cafeteria.
  • Use positive language and communication.
  • Remember kindness on the bus, at recess, and on field trips.
  • Show good sportsmanship.
  • Use the “magic” words often.
  • Use positive body language.
Encouraging Manners in Public

Manners on the Move

This assembly promotes and encourages good manners in public settings. Students (Faculty and Parents) will learn how to handle situations with confidence while out and about. Students will learn the PUBLIC steps to manners. Every day students spend time in public. These “manners on the move” moments give opportunities to have positive interactions with people they know and don’t know. Students will gain an understanding of appropriate behavior and the value of treating others with respect.
Parties & events
Understand other’s perspective
Busses, trains, & planes
Leave things better than found
Impress with kindness
Cell phones & other electronic media
Showing Respect in Everyday Activities

Everyday Etiquette

This assembly focuses on using good manners and showing respect in everyday activities. Students (Faculty & Parents) will learn the 5 S’s to Everyday Etiquette. How do I talk to my parent’s friends? What do I do if I break something at my friend’s house? I said thank you to my teacher for giving me extra help. Do I need to send a thank you note too? Knowing how to handle everyday situations is the key to building confidence.
Saying hello
Sending thank you’s
Showing kindness
Speaking with confidence
Surviving mishaps

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