Give your students the gift that will last a lifetime!

Benefits to your school include:

  • Encourages civility and respect
  • Our programs work through social scenarios helping to teach children proper responses and establish habits of respect for others.
  • Fosters environment for learning
  • Promoting respectful behavior fosters a safe environment for learning without fear of teasing or embarrassment.
  • Decreases bullying
  • Learning how to respect each other and respond to new situations with civility decreases bullying within the various social groups.
  • Enhances curriculum
  • Adding our programs into your current curriculum offers a well-rounded and enhanced education experience.
  • Builds confidence & self-esteem
  • Knowing how to conduct oneself in new and/or unpredictable social situations instills confidence and promotes self-esteem.
  • Cultivates relationships
  • We have developed our programs in such a way that the group learns as a whole, establishing common ground and cultivating relationships.
  • Improves communication
  • Good manners are not always a natural instinct so helping to develop good social habits is a valuable tool for improving effective communication.
  • Promotes family values
  • Manners and behavior are often expected to be taught within the home. Our programs come alongside parents and work to instill manners and respect.
  • Attracts new students
  • Offering our programs as an extracurricular within your organization shows the value you place on respect and civility and in turn attracts parents looking for a positive environment for their students.

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The social skills needed for success revolve around good manners. And, those good manners don’t just happen. They must be taught, practiced, and become a habit. Download our free guide to discover our top tips to giving your child the gift that lasts a lifetime!