There are times when teens need one-on-one coaching to gain that extra boost of confidence and social savvy. Does your teen receive feedback that he is too timid or lacking confidence? Or, maybe the feedback is just the opposite. Is she perceived as aggressive or confrontational?
As teens are preparing to interview for a job; potential high school or college; and other sporting, music, or academic leadership positions, they need to make a powerful, confident, and engaging first impression. It is essential, more than ever before, to be the standout in a crowded arena.
Work one-on-one with Christine to identify areas of strength that may need polished and honed as well as areas of growth to create the impression that will build confidence now and in the future.
Create your own coaching package or choose from the below options:
Full Day VIP Intensive:
  • Pre-survey and interview for assessment purposes
  • Six hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Exercises and role-playing activities
  • Healthy Lunch
  • One month of phone and email support
  • Follow up and action plan

One Month Phone/Skype/In-Person Coaching:
  • Pre-survey and interview for assessment purposes
  • Two 60-minute sessions
  • Two 30-minute phone/email sessions
  • Follow up and action plan


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